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CUBERDON .. easy from XBRL to relational databases



More and more regulatory data are being collected from institutions in XBRL format. But data warehouse databases are built on traditional relational databases.


CBRDN extracted data are often used to fill in existing data warehouses required for further analysis, like for comparing data between periods or between several institutions. The cornerstone of the data analysis are the taxonomy reporting concepts as available in the table link base of the taxonomy.


Aguilonius has developed CBRDN ©, a generic server-based middleware component to bridge between XBRL instance documents and traditional data warehouses.


In order to be able to view the data, Aguilonius suggests to use FactsConverter © to connect to the CBRDN database to visualize all processed XBRL files.


It’s a very easy and intuitive way to get from an XBRL file to the Excel table layout. The data are henceforth available in a spreadsheet, which opens the floor for easy analysis.