The EIOPA Hotfix 2.4.0 Solvency 2 Taxonomy has been published.

  • 4th November 2019

EIOPA Insurance Data Point Model and Taxonomy Hotfix 2.4.0 of non-working validations updated by 4/11/2019.

The EIOPA Hotfix 2.4.0 Solvency 2 Taxonomy has been published.For planning purposes of the IT implementation, please refer to the Governance of Taxonomy Releases, schedule for 2019-2021 and the Taxonomy Roadmap.

As a general rule one taxonomy release per year is planned and the EIOPA aims to minimise the number of taxonomy publications. It is expected that in most of the years only one release will occur.

However, in extraordinary circumstances, for example in years with a high degree of business changes or when a released taxonomy contains serious technical defects, a second, purely corrective release may be needed. As a precautionary measure, this potential release is included in the yearly schedule to aid planning.

The EIOPA Hotfix 2.4.0 Solvency 2 Taxonomy.

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