FactoriXIntroducing FactoriXTM, your ultimate server-based solution for seamless supervisory data management. With FactoriXTM, you can effortlessly gather, allocate, validate, and submit regulatory data, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and full compliance. This powerful software, offered as-a-service, simplifies your reporting by preparing and converting data into XBRL format, perfectly aligned with your National Competent Authority’s protocols.

FactoriX’ modular design allows you to focus on the specific reporting frameworks you need, such as Common Reporting (COREP), Financial Reporting (FINREP), Solvency II (EIOPA), Resolution Reporting, Ex-Ante Contributions, Financial Conglomerates (FICOD), Investment Firm Reporting (IFR), and many more.

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Experience the future of regulatory reporting with FactoriXTM.Built around advanced microservices and orchestrated with Docker Compose on a dedicated and single-tenant Azure server cluster, FactoriXTM guarantees top-tier security, data privacy, energy efficiency, robust performance, scalability, and seamless integration. Its cutting-edge frontend GUI offers an intuitive, cohesive user experience, enabling you to generate reports, manage configurations, validate processes, handle anomalies, and authorize actions effortlessly through a user-friendly interface.

Your data are secure with us, safeguarded by advanced encryption and multi-layered security protocols that ensure the highest level of protection. Our robust infrastructure is designed to prevent any unauthorized access, making it impossible for outsiders to breach our system.

FactoriXTM is designed with sustainabilityMoreover, FactoriXTM is designed with sustainability in mind. Recognizing that the software isn’t used daily, the server is switched into sleep mode each night, significantly conserving energy and contributing to global sustainability efforts. Users can effortlessly wake up the server the next time it’s needed, ensuring no data or state is lost in the process.

Embrace FactoriXTM and be part of a greener future while optimizing your regulatory reporting.

Experience the future of regulatory reporting with FactoriXTM.Contact us today to customize your suite of reporting modules.

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