Reporting FICOD in XBRL

Reporting FICOD in XBRLAfter more than 20 years of regulation imposed on Financial Conglomerates (FICOD). The Commission has paved the way for harmonizing supervisory reporting of risk concentration and intra-group transactions with the publication of EU 2022/2454 of 14 December 2022. This laying down FICOD implementing technical standards and the basis for reporting in XBRL. The framework was developed by EIOPA, that published the 2.8.1 taxonomy for which Aguilonius has the perfect XBRL reporting solution.

End users conveniently visit the FICOD reporting tables, enter data which get validated against business rules, syntax checks and other technical obligations… All resolved in a few clicks and a FICOD XBRL submission in no time.

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EIOPA would like to stress that they should be treated separately of their Solvency II counterparts. Although most of the tables are inspired by the EIOPA Solvency II IGT and Risk Concentration templates. Financial Conglomerates templates require additional reporting scenarios, including the possibility of a semi-annual reporting. EIOPA would like to point out that in such case the reporting obligations between the entry points remain potentially the same. Each National Competent Authority can anyway consider requiring a subset of templates at the infra-annual entry points.

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