What is Schema A

Understanding NBB Schema A

Under the Scheme A Banking Law of April 25, 2014, credit institutions and brokerage firms in Belgium must submit detailed monthly financial information to the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). This data, known as ‘Schema A‘, is collected and verified to ensure compliance and accuracy.

From Compliance Burden to Confidence

Schema A reporting involves rigorous quality controls. Instead of worrying about meeting these stringent standards, you can rely on our software solution to handle the validation rules and ensure your reports meet all necessary criteria.

Achieving Accuracy and Peace of Mind

By using Aguilonius’ solution, you shift from the stress of manual validation to the confidence of knowing your submissions are accurate and compliant. Our software embeds all required validation rules, so you can focus on your core operations without worrying about reporting errors.

Why Businesses Rely on Aguilonius’ Schema A Reporting Solution

Why Businesses Rely on Aguilonius’ Schema A Reporting Solution at NBB

  • Confident Compliance: Move from manual checks to assured compliance with NBB standards.
  • Accurate Submissions: Ensure your data is validated and meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Stress-Free Reporting: Focus on your business while we handle the reporting complexities.

Learn More About Achieving Flawless Schema A Reporting

Contact our team to discover how our software can help you achieve accurate and compliant Schema A reporting to the National Bank of Belgium.

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