CAP/PCC Reporting with Factory CAPCC

Mastering CAP/PCC Reporting

Navigating CAP/PCC reporting can be complex and time-consuming. Factory CAPCC changes this by offering an automated solution that shifts your focus from managing details to achieving results.

Gaining Control with Factory CAPCC

With Factory CAPCC, your business gains control over the entire CAP/PCC reporting flow. Instead of worrying about each step, you can rely on the tool to ensure your submissions are accurate and compliant before they reach the supervisor.

Achieving Accuracy and Compliance

Managing CAP/PCC reporting involves dealing with the Central Point of Contact (CPC), which registers bank account numbers and various contracts held at financial institutions in Belgium. Factory CAPCC ensures that all details, including those of resident and non-resident individuals, are accurately reported.

Why Businesses Rely on Factory CAPCC

  • Effortless Compliance: Shift from manual management to automated accuracy in CAP/PCC reporting.
  • Confidence in Data: Ensure all data is thoroughly validated and compliant with regulations.
  • Streamlined Process: Move from a fragmented process to a cohesive, efficient reporting flow.

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CAP/PCC Reporting with Factory CAPCC

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