Reporting to BECRIS

AnaCredit is incorporated in Belgium in the register for credit details, under the name BECRIS. Becris stands for ‘Belgian Extended Credit Risk Information System”, where data is collected since 2019 and used for various purposes.

BECRIS is the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) system where financial institutions (banks, lenders, lease companies, etc.) report details on credits for the Corporate Credit Register (CCR) and the Individual Credit Register (ICR). It registers the credits granted by banks and other types of institutions to enterprises, associations, the public sector, as well as to sole traders. It offers the participants the opportunity to optimize the assessment of their credit risk and the National Bank to evaluate this assessment and the risks they can encounter. The specifics for the Individual Credit Register (ICR) are included since the official start in 2024.

Reporting to BECRIS with AnaFactory for AnaCredit)Aguilonius has developed its software solution ‘AnaFactory‘, abbreviation for AnaCredit Factory. A stand-alone database solution that is modularly integrated with the supervisory reporting solution XBRL Factory-SE.

Anafactory is designed with complete data dictionaries that trigger relevant regulatory and functional information for each individual attribute of different datasets. The tool is fully integrated with the BECRIS application and its validation rules at the National Bank of Belgium. The specific cases of Leasing are covered in the solution.

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