Under the regulation of the European Central Bank, AnaCredit is a new dataset with detailed information on individual bank loans in the euro area. The name stands for “analytical credit datasets”.

AnaFactory (AnaCredit)The ECB launched this project in 2011. The ECB use data and national credit registers to achieve a harmonised database that supports several central banking functions. Such as decision-making in monetary policy and macroprudential supervision. The regulation is imposed on National Competent Authorities, each deciding how to implement detailed data requirements on their national level.

Aguilonius has developed its software solution ‘AnaFactory‘, abbreviation for AnaCredit Factory. A stand-alone database solution that is modularly integrated with the supervisory reporting solution XBRL Factory-SE. Depending on the National Competent Authority that will collect the data, different parts of the solution are activated with variations on both the extract formats and the sourcing side to collect more than the required AnaCredit attributes.

Anafactory for Anacredt is designed with data dictionaries that trigger relevant regulatory and functional information for each individual attribute of different datasets. A multi-layer validation process deals with various validation checks. Such as Referential Integrity, Completeness, Consistency with detailed error logging and correction possibilities.

AnaFactory for Anacredt is an intuitive and flexible solution covering NCA specific challenges. Such as BECRIS for the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) and empower the client to focus on the data quality of their detailed credit data.

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