BECRIS and the Corporate Credit Register

  • 15th April 2022

BECRIS and the Central Corporate Credit RegisterThe NBB has developed the Belgian Extended Credit Risk Information System (BECRIS) for the Corporate Credit Register. A new application for AnaCredit and maintain the corporate credit data collection requirements for the Belgian financial sector.

From January 2022, the Central Corporate Credit Register (CCCR) is replaced by the Corporate Credit Register (CCR). The factoring and insurance companies are no longer part of companies that belong to reporting agents. 

The CCCR originated from the ’90s and was developed as a response for the Belgian financial sector and credit institutions. It enabled the NBB a better understanding for credit risks from professional debtors.

In the past decades, some incidents have highlighted global implications of economic revolutions. These circumstances have let to reforms and the need to collect detailed data. The entire data system is modernized at European level to anticipate to potential crises.

Extension of the data collection to BECRIS

BECRIS and the Central Corporate Credit Register with AnafactoryThe European Regulation for AnaCredit (EU/2016/867) requires an extension of credit data collected from financial institutions. In order to provide the European Central Bank (ECB) with the additional information for monetary policy, financial stability, and macroprudential supervision. This data at European level is for an understanding and assessment of possible financial shocks in the eurozone.


The CCR implements from the 1st of January 2022 and contains the data of corporate credit from previous years. Financial institutions and leasing companies are already reporting to the Corporate Credit Register. They have credit data of years which comply with the definitions and concepts of AnaCredit.


CCCR will disappear on December 31 2021 and last reference period with credit data is November 2021. Consultations and reporting will no longer be possible as of January 1 2022. The Corporate Credit Register (CCR) will contain the functionalities that existed in CCCR. The consultations by the reporting agents are taken place in the BECRIS application, while debtors can request their credit status at NBB.

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