EBA issues revised list of ITS validation rules (10/03/2022)

  • 17th March 2022

EBA issues revised list of ITS validation rules 10/03/2022

The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a revised list of validation rules (10/03/2022) included in its Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting, highlighting those which have been deactivated for incorrectness or for triggering IT problems.

The EBA also published an updated package of validation rules that reflects the changes to the reporting frameworks. Including the validation rules that have been deactivated or the updated severity status.

Small validation rules packages can include deactivations or reactivations of validation rules and changes to their severity status. The packages are published every quarter roughly 20 days before the reference date of the end of the quarter. Approximately around 10 March, 10 June, 10 September and 10 December. It can only impact framework release 3.0 and subsequent releases.

Small validation rules package includes changes to the severity of validation rules. The published material consists of a micro taxonomy package containing the set folder and an Excel file with validation rules.

Competent Authorities throughout the EU are informed that data submitted in accordance with these ITS should not be formally validated against the set of deactivated rules.

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