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  • 7th March 2023

NBB Supervision Portal HelpdeskNBB Supervision Portal update In the context of the Strategy 2025 of the National Bank of Belgium. Where good and efficient ‘Enterprise Data Management’ (EDM) is one of the 12 key ambitions. The first phase has been finalized and consisted of the setting up of transversal units for data collection and data validation within the Microdata management department. Over the last two years, more and more datasets and resources have been transferred to these new units.

For the supervisory and resolution reporting by banks and stockbroking firms, this brings along some practical and organizational implications. The first line support for reporting issues will be fully handled by the Microdata Management Department.

In case you have any question or issue regarding overruling of validation rules, reopening’s or remarks with regard to the OneGate collection tool (domains MBS, MUN, NRA, REV) and the direct dissemination to the ECB, EBA or other European Authorities, please contact the generic mailbox BankRep@nbb.be.

Please use NBB Supervision Portal Helpdesk for questions, issues, or remarks regarding the NBB Supervision Portal.

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