Accession of Croatia to the Euro area

  • 13th October 2022

Accession of Croatia to the euro areaOn 1 January 2023, Croatia will become member of the Euro area or European Monetary Union (EMU). The accession of Croatia to the European Monetary Union has an impact on Schema A reporting from reference period January 31, 2023. This means that the Hrvatska Kuna (HRK) will be replaced by the Euro and Croatia will become a member of the EMU. All existing classifications that are related to countries and currencies should be adjusted.

The introduction of the new classifications will influence the order of transactions within the EMU. As every month, in January 2023 the National Bank of Belgium must communicate the impact of reclassifications to the ECB. The credit institutions making the largest contribution may be contacted to supply more information on an ad hoc basis.

Impact on the MIR reporting For MIR statistics

No adjustment series reflecting the change in the Euro area composition due to the enlargement. The only change is that Euro-denominated deposits held by, and Euro-denominated loans granted to, households and non-financial corporations’ resident in Croatia need to be included in MIR statistics as of the reference period January 2023.

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