NBB OneGate additional quality checks (EGDQ)

  • 30th July 2020

NBB OneGate additional quality checks (EGDQ)From reference period 30/06/2020, a number of additional quality (EGDQ) checks are being added to the validation process of the supervisory reportings in NBB OneGate.

These extra checks are aimed at enhancing the quality of supervisory reporting data in accordance with Article 4(1) of Decision ECB/2014/29 of 2 July 2014 as amended by Decision ECB/2017/23 of 3 August 2017. The ECB applies these checks in conjunction with other controls as part of the quality assessment of supervisory reporting data.

The ECB’s Banking Supervision Data Division, in cooperation with national competent authorities (NCAs) within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), has published a set of extra data quality checks in addition to those already included in the European Banking Authority’s supervisory reporting frameworks (COREP and FINREP).

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