New COVID-19 reporting and extension of OneGate due dates

  • 14th April 2020

New COVID-19 reporting and extension of OneGate due datesFollowing the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Bank of Belgium published circular NBB_2020_08 for the attention of the insurance and reinsurance sector. It contains new COVID-19 reporting and two communications NBB_2020_09 and NBB_2020_010 concerning the OneGate platforms, deferring in time the date of collection of certain quantitative and qualitative reports expected from insurance and reinsurance companies as well as certain reports expected from the authorised auditors.

For the declarers who would like to benefit from the additional delays mentioned in the circular NBB_2020_08 , the reports AES_COVID, ARG_COVID, QES_COVID and QRG_COVID are available in OneGate. These reports only contain the templates with the shortest deadline. The institutions reporting a full report according to the original deadlines, which reflects the strong preference of the Bank and the European authorities, do not have to complete these additional reports.

The “SchemaRef” remains identical as the one in the full report. Only the report code in the administration tag must be adapted. Filing indicators for non-reported templates must be “false”.

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